Syncretism is one of ‘the brilliant strategies of the evil one’, says Barna research founder

(CP) Prominent Evangelical pollster George Barna says that most Americans blend their beliefs to create “a customized worldview” that is far from biblical as the country is in a spiritual “crisis.”

The founder of The Barna Group, who now leads the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University, spoke at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit last week, a Christian conservative voting rally held in Atlanta.

Barna, who also serves as an FRC senior fellow, told those gathered that he believes one of the “brilliant strategies of the evil one” is luring people into believing that they can combine and adopt as many worldviews as they want.

Barna warned that “America is a nation in crisis” because its citizens do not hold a biblical worldview and will instead add their own “worldly ideas.”

“Your worldview is the filter that you use to see and understand and experience and respond to the world around you. Because your worldview enables you to make sense of the world, you need a worldview just to get through every day,” Barna explained.

“In fact, every single decision that you make, and you make hundreds of them if not thousands of decisions every single day — every one of those flows through your worldview. The choices that you make are a result of what you believe, as described by your worldview.”


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