West Virginia Passes Abortion Ban With Exceptions

The West Virginia Legislature passed a sweeping abortion ban on Tuesday with exceptions for rape, incest, and medical emergencies.

The state Senate passed the bill 22-7, after a brief debate Tuesday. The state House concurred and passed the bill in a 78-17 vote.

Republican Sen. Robert Karnes said “It is going to shut down that abortion clinic, of that I feel certain,” he continued “I believe it’s going to save a lot of babies.”

According to the AP, “Under the legislation, rape and incest victims would be able to obtain abortions at up to eight weeks of pregnancy, but only if they report to law enforcement first. Such victims who are minors would have until 14 weeks to terminate a pregnancy and must report to either law enforcement or a physician.”

“Rape and incest victims would have to report the assault within 48 hours of getting an abortion, and a patient must present a copy of a police report or notarized letter to a physician before the procedure can be performed.”

West Virginia becomes second state to pass a new ban since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade in June.


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