Ex-Drug Addict-Turned-Preacher Shocks Police When He Reportedly Walks Into Station, Delivers Stunning Admission That Solves Cold Case

A Mississippi man shocked authorities when he walked into a police station last Tuesday and admitted, of his own volition, to killing a person three years ago.

Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook, a more than 20-year police veteran, told WCBI-TV he hasn’t seen anything like 37-year-old James Eric Crisp’s confession.

“James Eric Crisp walked into my office, of his own free will, and confessed to having killed [Roger Loyd] Taylor,” Cook told the outlet.

Taylor, 48, was reportedly killed on March 10, 2019, and Crisp’s purported admission could help finally close the longstanding cold case.

One of the most notable and difficult facts in the case is that Crisp, who once struggled with drugs and past legal issues, reportedly became a Christian after his life of crime.

He now teaches and preaches at a recovery program called God’s House of Hope to help others facing similar struggles.

Crisp was allegedly an addict at the time of the killing, according to The Christian Post.


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